Specialists Construction Supplies


Introduction SCS

Specialist Construction Supplies

Established in 2002 with the aim to supply our clients with high quality construction materials at competitive rates.

Based in Guernsey, Channel Islands and with a representative office in Shanghai, China , the Directors have over 40 years experience of the procurement and manufacture of construction materials.

With today’s sophisticated communications systems and global infrastructure means that the global position of the customer is no longer significant, we have excellent relationships with shipping and freight forwarding companies that have a consistent record of reliability, ensuring that products reach even the most remote areas speedily and efficiently.

We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke products, from Stainless Steel to Engineered Floors.

We have excellent relationships with manufacturing companies in Asia, Europe and the USA, who manufacture to various standards including BS, EN, DIN and UL. Prior to placing any order we undertake our own extensive inspections to ensure our clients satisfaction.

Whatever the size and type of your requirements, we will offer cost effective advice on a wide variety of products to meet your requirements and expectations.

In addition to the sale of building materials and due to our extensive knowledge of China we offer a procurement service, where we source the material, product or manufacturing facility to give companies a gateway into manufacturing in China.